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In Essentures each creature has an infant stage and an adult stage. The infant stage is shared among members of the same family, each with its own respective color, while each adult stage is unique. There are a grand total of 320 creatures in the game, composed of 250 adult forms and 70 infant forms.

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Evolution <> Adaptation

To fully grow up, a creature must completely adapt to its Habitat, this concept is called Full Adaptation. However, a creature can use a special place in the Essentures World to skip thousands of years of adaptation cycles and be reborn ready to adapt to a new Habitat. This process is what we call Evolution. A creature that has passed through many evolution cycles can remember its past forms and change back to them during battles!

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Creatures: Sobre nós

Weaponize your creatures

Optionally you can use your creatures as weapons

In Essentures World, creatures can transform themselves into weapons. This is necessary during the top-down action segments known as exploring mode, as there each creature can support you by transforming into a weapon, boosting your stats, and providing special moves. In full battles, where the Turn-Based RPG combat takes place, you can use the creature as an ally. it's entirely up to you to decide what fits your strategy better, weapon or creature. Don't forget, Essentures are neither slaves nor meat shields! You have to fight too!

By charging your Gauntlet you can beat the weapon out of any creature and make it your ally. You can even acquire creatures from other warriors!

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The Starters

The families below are the initial partners you have in this world, there's 4 of them and you can pick 2!

Creatures: Sobre

Nimbus Family

Nimbus Katus

Nimbus Lighyx
Nimbus Tizar
Nimbus Squallion

They are based on felines and weather. Young Nimbus creatures have a diaper-like cloud as when they feel too emotional they end up peeing themselves. After growing up, they become ferocious hunters and have humor that changes based on the weather that day. When weaponized they become the Nimbus Sword.

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cannis family.png

Cannis Family

Cannis Hounser
Cannis Moutog
Cannis Dogladior
Cannis Boldog

Very aggressive. Their ears are used as horns, pointing them upwards when enraged. They are great for protection since their bodies are hard as steel and their physical force is spectacular. The weapon of this family is the Cannis Axe.

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mustelo family.png

Mustelo Family

Mustelo Firett
Mustelo Fulgarr
Mustelo Carcatic
Mustelo Mystelis

Careful planners, they like to hide before an attack. Although they rely on their cunning, they don't leave anything to be desired in offensive attacks, in battle they can perform any role effectively. Weapon form is Mustelo Rod

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fortuna family.png

Fortuna Family

Fortuna Leporo
Fortuna Lapinis
Fortuna Rusaki
Fortuna Kuniklo

With carefree spirits, they rely on their own luck to survive and are pretty good at doing it too. A swift creature that likes to boost its powers before doing a massive attack. When young the tails of Fortuna creatures are clover flowers, which many people believe to bring luck. By turning them into a weapon, the user is armed with the Fortuna Bow.

Creatures: Sobre nós

Other creatures

Learn a bit more about the lore of these fantastic creatures!

Creatures: Sobre
Urso family.png

Urso Family

Urso Pow
Urso Pardo
Urso Polar
Urso Panda

These brawlers like to attack with powerful jabs. Each species carries a different material to strengthen its punches: Metal, Ice, and Rock. With the exception of the Panda, which prefers to eat solid materials, greatly increasing its weight and giving it the appearance of an old statue!

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muedile family.png

Muedile Family

Muedile Scaviale
Muedile Escaiman
Muedile Crocarnage

Muediles are always shedding their stone-hard scales which gives them their terrifying appearance, often engaging in fierce combats with other members of their species. The outcome is determined by its species, as Scaviale and Escaiman may opt to just pick the loser's skin as a trophy, Crocarnage eats the opponent alive leaving only its skin behind. People use their skins as protection in cursed deserts where the dark sandstorms may turn them into stone.

Creatures: Sobre nós
angel family.png

Angel family

Angel Kolibro
Angel Parssero
Angel Adleger
Angel Pazloma

Creatures that symbolize good, love, valor, and peace. Humans use their young as messengers. The detaching wings serve as a small pencil that writes with rainbow-colored Ink. Angels are believed to be the most beloved creatures in the whole world and a symbol of positivity to humanity. Even if their over-preservation seems to cause a loss of other species' territory.

Creatures: Sobre nós
demon family.png

Demon family

Demon Batilo
Demon Akumaus
Demon Diabat
Demon Bloodevile

In counterpart to the Angel family, the Demon family are among the most hated creatures, as they spread many curses and are prone to acting unpredictably. It's believed they are a creation of the true evil that lives in the inner parts of the world. The overhunting of these creatures causes issues with the growth of new plants since they are one of the best pollinators around.

Creatures: Sobre nós
spiritus family.png

Spiritus Family

Spiritus Ghowl
Spiritus Owmen
Spiritus Sowl

Spiritus is a bizarre species of Essen. Their heads are a strange novelty: Ghowl has a false head, Owmen has a levitating mask instead of a head, and Sowl is just a head with an ethereal body made of snow. There is no way to distinguish between the back and front of Young Spiritus, making it impossible to know where this creature is actually looking from its wide-open eyes. These creatures specialize in taking out the MP of the opponent.

Creatures: Sobre nós
crinimal family.png

Crinimal Family

Crinimal Mugse
Crinimal Rathief
Crinimal Headmastr

It's completely natural for them to be robbers, burglars, and even crime lords! These rodent Essen prefer to live close to people in cities where they end up as a common problem. Usually, a group of Criminals has a Headmaster as a leader, while Rathieves partake in big jewelry heists, and Mugses carry out small crimes like pickpocketing and minor theft. However, no one knows why they do this, as money and jewelry have no use for them.

Creatures: Sobre nós
slimo family.png

Slimo Family

Slimo Slemi
Slimo Melma
Slimo Mimo
Slimo Limo

Even being funny-looking and popular with children when young, Slimos are a plague that is found everywhere in the Essentures world. Although young versions are usually harmless, the very few Slimos that surpass their fragility and reach adult age can become big trouble. They have affinity with dangerous human psychological behaviors: Sociopathy, Depression, Schizophrenia, and Gluttony that can be used to their advantage. Their main attack is Goo, which doesn't deal much damage but slows down targets, making them lose precious turns. A weaponized Slimo becomes a Goo-Gun which in right hands can make any Huntsman an annoying and hard to defeat opponent. "Slimo head" is a common childish offense.

Creatures: Sobre nós

Seirui Family

Seirui Klou
Seirui ???
Seirui ???

With sharped claws, Serirui creatures slash through opponents easily. They were seen in many ancient legends as water-dwelling creatures associated with people's lives. The myths of Kappa are a common occurrence associated with Seirui Klou particularly.

Creatures: Sobre nós
shaman family.png

Shaman Family

Shaman Vultovenar
Shaman Dokter
Shaman Nasahir
Shaman Towol

The most influential creatures in terms of potions. Dokter and Nasahir are good-spirited creatures assisting humanity in its darkest times, Towol is a wild creature only thinking about its kind, and Vultovenar is simply mean-spirited and loves to curse and destroy anything around. All Shaman creatures are accompanied by a hunchback assistant, who will eventually grow to follow the same steps as its master.

Creatures: Sobre nós

Venoise Family

* No names yet *

Venoise is one of the oldest and most widespread symbols in Essentures mythology, appearing in the forms of Gods, Chimaeras, and Legendary Essentures. Their body is composed of musical instruments: Bell, Harp, Guitar, and Flute in adult forms, and a Rattle on its child form. They emit sound waves to lure their preys.

Creatures: Sobre nós

Guscudo Family

* No names yet *

Guscudo uses their own defense as offense. When they enter their hard shell, they tackle opponents with an enormous force, although they prefer just to stay inside their shells, not worrying about anything outside. Guscudo is a somewhat special Essen because they are one of the few to become a Shield in weapon form.

Creatures: Sobre nós

"Shell Birds" Family

* No names yet *

Aquatic avian Essentures that replace their beaks with shells as they grow into adulthood. Unlike other bird Essentures, these shell structures make them very defensive, being unique in this aspect. The origins of the shell are unknown, but a legend tells about a Kolibro that hid into a Slimo shell to hide from a Squallion that was chasing it, giving rise to this creature.

Creatures: Sobre nós

Orkilld Family

* No names yet *

A family of creatures of incomparable beauty, but at the same time extremely dangerous. They use mimicry to look like other beings. When an Orkilld sprout grows, it leaves its shell with its head behind, becoming a faceless creature.

Creatures: Sobre nós

Sabris Family

Sabris Mansquet
Sabris Katamari
Sabris Armantis
Sabris Bevikdour

The epitome of 'Sword Essentures'. They influenced humanity with the arts of sword-wielding thorough history being present at the creation of Fencing, Samurai, Templars, and Viking sword combat styles. These Essentures are a particular mystery to the people since very few people actually mastered these combat styles. People wonder if there are outer worlds out there where humans normally wield Swords like that.

Creatures: Sobre nós
mollusk small.png

Mollushrom Family

Mollushrom Clamanita
Mollushrom Agarisnail
Mollushrom Sporoctopus

A very primitive kind of Essen that crawls in the deep and dark parts of the world. Their battle style range from a cross of many ways to weaken enemies or bind them completely. Some of them naturally pose no big threat to humans at all since they are very small, but much like every other small Essentures, the Nature Essence can cause them to increase their size massively, enough to become a big concern.

Creatures: Sobre nós

Bulvem Family

Bulvem Braunya
Bulvem Eisenrider
Bulvem Mastier

Commonly used on farms, these Essentures have become essential for humans. Always sporting a battle mask, Bulvem is an powerful tank, capable of taking multiple hits while dealing powerful blows. His weapon form is the mughty Bulvem Hammer

Creatures: Sobre nós

Anurapid Family

Anurapid Grenoulam
Anurapid Rospada
Anurapid Ralamina

Their tongues are so fast that they can be confused with blades. Being amphibians, they have high defensive power, protecting allies from physical blows, or being completely immune to some types of elemental attacks.

Creatures: Sobre nós

Kaijee Family

* No names yet *

These ancient creatures are living photographs of the past, believed to have existed even before the gods themselves. They are powerful yet easily tamed. A Kaijee can become a loyal friend, but only to the squires who prove themselves strong enough to handle their tough behavior.

Creatures: Sobre nós

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