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Story: Sobre nós


All stories have a beginning

The world had always been filled with creatures composed of a substance called Essence. They don't die, they don't starve, and they are prone to violent acts. It wasn't a good world to live in. However, things began to change when humanity discovered they could make weapons from these creatures. Transforming them into the superior species and dominating the whole Essentures fauna.

Story: Sobre nós

But the power of man is as great as it is hungry. Wars amongst humanity have escalated and even the Divinessens, the gods of this world, had to intervene. With the help of Zerus, the greatest of the Divinessens, one man, Alexandros, rose above all to become the emperor that unified the world and brought an end to humanity's conflict

Story: Sobre nós

When peace is held in the hands of a single man, their mortality becomes the greatest threat to lasting peace. So, as their last days approached Alexandros, with the blessing of all Divinessens, announced a championship; the victor of the 7 trials of the Seven Wonders would rise as the new emperor. To aid in this campaign, humanity has been gifted with a new way to fight. By using The Golden Gauntlet, you can manifest Essentures as allies. Then, by fusing their souls with the creatures, humanity can share their very lifeforce with the Essentures, becoming both parts of one being.

Story: Sobre nós

However, why winning a champioship, when you can burn it down?

If the story has been sounding too similar to another game, its here that things breaks apart!

The truth of this story may not be exactly as the books describe. You are someone that has been training your whole life waiting for this day. As it turns out, this whole championship is a lie. Made for a purpose that only serves the Divinessens themselves. Venus, someone that has parted ways from Divinessens long ago, explains to you. With your new ally, the Essenture Mater, you begin a crusade against the Gods!

Story: Sobre nós

Learn more about the creatures!

Collecting many creatures for your cause is essential during your adventure; below you can find more information about them.

Story: Sobre
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